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Diet and Lifestyle Guidance: What you eat is important, how you eat it is just as important. Our lifestyle rituals and habits have a great impact on our physical and mental health. Dr Deb will provide appropriate nutritional advice and lifestyle changes to return you to optimal health and vitality.

Stress and Anxiety Management: High levels of stress and anxiety impact on our physical and mental health. Dr Deb will develop a management plan to assist in lowering stress and anxiety levels, this plan will consist of relaxation techniques, meditation, herbs, homeopathic remedies and diet.

Health Education: Keeping ourselves physically and mentally healthy in today's world is becoming more and more challenging. We are bombarded with chemicals in our foods and environment. Life is becoming more demanding and fast paced. There is an over-saturation of negative news reports on our T.V's, in our newspapers and online. Dr Deb will provide information and advice on how to navigate through these obstacles to a path of better health.

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